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Dawkins Quotes!

This quote was taken from the book "The Blues is a Feeling" ISBN 1-883953-25-1
"My songs are a protest against injustice. I don't like to see people going hungry and whatever, so a lot of times I write about the plights and things in the world."
This quote was taken from the book "Nothing but the Blues" ISBN 1-55859-271-7
"There's a thing with most of the West side boys, what we're doing is playing with a bass, drums and guitar, but we're thinking of a horn or two horns and when we throw those heavy chords that's what were doing. It's a creative thing. It makes us get this heavy sound as we call it substituting for a full band."
The following quotes were all taken from the book "State of the Blues" ISBN 0-89381-799-6
About the Blues! "Well it's played from the heart. It's played from the soul. The real inner man. It's the spirit of him playing his inner feelings through an instrument. But it's pain and hurt." About Robert Johnson! "I was with Memphis Slim. We was in Paris. He didn't like to be around him. He said RJ would go to cussin' God. He was at some of those roadhouses when he played, outside of Memphis, western Arkansas and different places. Sunnyland Slim, I've heard him talk some of the same talk. Not about the devil, but Memphis Slim said he would talk so much nasty talk and down God almighty so much that he would be scared to be around him, and a lot of people would leave the juke joints and go out of the house because he was so devilish, talking against God."
"You hear it more than just that. You read it and you hear it. Pack with the devil down at the crossroads." About Sonny Boy II! "Now Rice Miller, what I loved about him was, he played good and he blowed with his nose, the harmonica and all that. I remember that from when I was a little kid, and my daddy took me to see him." About Muddy Waters! "He just slashed through it a little more than some bands. He wasn't much of a guitar player." About the South! "Well, there was two reasons blacks left the south. One reason was the oppression. And in Chicago, Detroit and the cities there was less oppression. You wasn't on the plantation. The north had the reputation of being a little more liberal towards blacks. There's racism all the time. It never, ever stopped, even today."About blacks and the Blues!"We was doing a tour with B.B.King in Europe and BB was doing an interview and he was saying in the big concerts at the Fillmore West or the House of Blues or whatever, you'd have two thousand whites and 8 or 9 blacks. But now it's changing. You've got a thousand whites and you might have a hundred blacks now."
"Some people feel like we, the mainstay blues players like myself and Mr. Arnold here and Otis Rush, people feel like we're really the traitors. They say 'well, you know how they treated you, and you're still singing that old downtrodden stuff'."
There is one more quote in this book but I will not post it on web. If you want to read it, Buy the book.
The following quotes were taken from an article in the Newark Star-Ledger, by George Kanzler.
About today's Bluesmen! "I don't think I have to keep up with the traditional blues sound, some of these musicians today who claim to be blues musicians wouldn't touch the blues in the 50's or 60's. They pretend they were blues all the time, but that's just a lie. Back then they were imitating James Brown and Otis Redding, playing soul and R&B."About himself! "I'm a blues musician, so-called but I like to look at it as a musician. I consider myself a musician who plays feelings; I play what I feel. I don't imitate and jump around a lot, I just play what I feel, and if it comes out and they call it blues, that's ok, as long as people appreciate it." About the Blues scene today! "I don't think anybody in blues has a black audience anymore. It's been taken over by white musicians and white audiences. There's white blues bands now every where you go. I play with them a lot when I'm on the road, and as long as they know the blues and can play and we can please an audience, then they're okay."

The following quote was taken from the cd Born in Poverty,BB429.2/ Credited to Soul Bag (c)
About his nickname! "Jimmy Dawkins is good enough for me"